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Best collection of Urdu Shayari for your entertainment and enjoyment. All the shayari added in this channel is divided in to categories by topic and by famous poets of their time.

Perveen Shakir

Kon Jane ke nae saal mein tu kis ko parhe
Tera myarr badlta hy nisabon ki tra

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About Urdu Shayari

Urdu Shayari is one of the most popular entertainment segment that a great number of people desire to read. Shayari is actually the Urdu/Hindi translation of the word poetry. There were number of famous poets in Pakistan and India who were legends of their times.

Shayari is of different types and is available on several topics. Most popular Urdu shayari topics are love, romantic, sad and friendship etc. However there are several other topics also on which the poets have said beautiful Urdu Poetry.

Urdu poetry is mostly read by people with a special taste. This means that not everybody can understand the deep meaning hidden in the verses. A special aesthetic sense and taste is required to correctly feel and understand the real essence of the shayari verses.

Ghazal shayari is one of the most popular form of the Urdu poetry which is the collection of several verses, bound together to create a complete ghazal. You will find number of types of poetry of your choice.

All the shayari given on this blog is gathered from different resources and is copyright belongs to the respective poet. If you like the shayari given on this blog then please do consider sharing it with your friends.

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