Laughter Can Change Your Life

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Life Wisdom

It is very rightly said that, ‘if you laugh the world will laugh with you and if you cry, you have to cry alone’. A happy smiling face is always liked and welcomed by others.

Research has proved that you can fight against illness with laughing and remaining happy. Laughter is the best medicine, is a proven fact now. It can change the quality of your life and your outlook towards life. Go through laughter quotes to learn about its facts and impact on your life.

Here are some benefits of laughter:


Develops Positive Mind

If you laugh at small problems, it will have a positive effect on your mind. Laughing diverts your attention from guilt, fear, anger and stress. It will fight against the negative emotions which develop in your mind. Remember positive mind always have positive effect on your health and attitude.

Increases Popularity

A person with a happy face has more friends than others. If you laugh on small jokes, people will start liking you. They will feel more comfortable in your company. No doubt everybody likes happy, smiling person. You will increase your popularity in your family and friends.

Good Workout

Laughter is considered as a very good exercise. When you laugh out loudly, it exercises your diaphragm, abs, shoulders and belly. It also leaves very good effect on your heart and body muscles.

Combats Illness

People who laugh a lot possess a strong immune system. They are able to fight of mental and physical illness better than others. When laughter helps you to develop a positive mind, it will certainly affect your outlook towards your illness. Therefore a laughing and optimistic person can fight illness much better.

Increases Your Lifespan

Research proved that people who laugh a lot and remain happy, live a longer life than pessimistic and gloomy people. Problems, wealth, buildings, boats, yards and houses will remain back in this world and you go empty hands. Therefore stop all worries and laugh to get some additional years of life.

Final Word

Laughter costs you nothing; you don’t have to pay single buck for it. But the benefits of laughing are endless. Your personal and social life will face a positive change and you will become a likable person. Your work, job, friendship and relations will see a laughing change. Read some good happy life quotes that are the wisdom words of famous and wise people of their time and learn the lessons from them Happy Laughter.


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