How to Make Better Life Decisions?

A time comes in everyone’s life when he has to make important decisions about life matters as education, career, personal finances or marriage etc. One wrong decision could lead your life to disaster, so you must make every decision with great care and thorough deliberation.

Sometimes we face difficulty in making a right decision. Many people face the famous ‘fear of the unknown’ while others judgment may get impaired while deciding. Before going ahead you must go through some decision quotes to learn something about making decisions from the wise and famous people of their times.

You may find following steps useful in making decision about any aspect of your life.

Life Decisions

You should know concisely what the actual issue is? Sometimes people mix up many things which conceal the actual problem. Clear your mind and then see what it is that needs your immediate attention. Your deciding issue should be definable in a single line or sentence.

Gain Maximum Knowledge

One you have recognized the issue start gathering maximum knowledge and information about it. The more you get informed better will be your judgment. How much knowledge is sufficient for it? The answer is as much knowledge that you can also guide others on the specific issue. Study all of its angles, discuss, ask, read or whatever steps you take, but you should be master of it.


When you are fully aware of all the pros and con’s of the issue then start sorting out and analyzing the possible solutions for it. Of course after your thorough research you will have number of ways to tackle the issue.

Pin Point the Best Solution

Write down all the possible solutions on a price of paper. Brainstorm your mind select the best possible out of them and rewrite them according to the priority. Now you will have a new sorted out list of possible solutions.

Paper Test You Solution

Before jumping to the conclusion, wait for a while. Carry out a mental exercise for testing you solutions. This depends on the nature of the deciding issue. Some issues can be practically tested while others need paper testing. This can be done by discussing it with you near ones. Each solution should be discussed and then finalize the best one.


You have carried out all the hard work and taken your time, now you should be confident enough about the success of your decision. Put it in to practice with all you heart and soul and leave the results to God Almighty. Never ever have any doubt about it and remember confidence is the key to your success.

Making decisions in life is a continuous process and reading quotes about life may help you in it. You have to decide every now and them so keep yourself abreast of all the important issues of life. Involve yourself in other people’s problems, learn from them and be prepared all the time to make quick and informed decisions about any life issue. Good Luck


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