How to Improve Your Conversation Skills ?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Life Wisdom

Carrying out a good nice conversation can make you likeable and popular among the people around you. So you must learn the conversation skills in order to be successful in life and in your social circle.

Conversation is all about conveying your thoughts to others by using the words they can understand. The better you can converse with people easier it will be for them to understand you.


There are certain folks who are welcomed in every gathering and people love to listen to them. Their friends and people around them enjoy their company. Whereas there are men in whose company people tend to get bored and try to avoid them.

Luckily anybody can master the art of conversation. You have to learn certain basic things about conversation remember and practice them whenever needed. Following points will help to improve your conversational skills.

Understand Others Feeling

Try to figure out other persons’ feelings, attitude and personality. As soon as you understand a person adjusts your speaking style to match his and you will be on your way.
If you possess an over-confident personality and just sound out whatever comes in your mind then people will not feel happy in your company. You need to take them on board by slightly changing your tone and style.

Involve Others in Your Conversation

If you come across somebody who mostly remains on the listening end then involve him or her in your talks by asking them questions. Questions should be leading as it will help them to talk in detail instead of saying just yes or no as a reply.

Give Others a Chance to Speak

Dominating a conversation totally and not letting others to speak in considered as a rude behavior. Keep your conversation short, interesting and crisp and explain maximum in minimum words. Give other people some time to define their thoughts and never interrupt them. Do not take much of the time so that the people shouldn’t feel as captured audience. If you are sitting in a group, see who has not spoken yet and pull him in the conversation. You will be in full control of the moment and people will respect you for this gesture.

Pose Good Body Language

While you talk your body also talks so try to maintain good body language. Your sitting or standing style, movement of your hands and eyes should speak well of you. If you are controlling the conversation and posing yourself relaxed and smiling it will affect everybody around you and they will also feel relaxed. On the contrary if you are posing tense and angry it will surely leave a bad impression on other people present around you.

Avoid Distracting Things

What can be so distracting when you are in the middle of an important discussion and you cell phone buzz up? If possible turn of your cell phone when you are carrying out important conversation with someone.

Similarly TVs and Radios should be turned off while you are talking to a person. Of course this condition can be relaxed when you are in a family gathering or the conversation is informal.

Final Word

Conversation is an art which can be mastered and it acts as a strong fundamental of your personality. Good or bad conversational style and manners dictate whether you maintain good personal relation with people around you or not. Good conversational skill will help you in your job relations and whatever you take up in life. Learns this skill and practice it and soon you will be considered as a great conversationalist.


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