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Increase/Decrease of Dollar Rate in Pakistan

We will talk about appreciation and depreciation of Pakistani currency against the US dollar. The first thing that comes in our mind is whether appreciation and depreciation of a currency truly depicts the economic condition of a country? When we talk about depreciation and appreciation of the currency, the former tends to reduce the cost of a country's exports and rendering them more competitive in the global market.

This in turn, increases the cost of imports as a result the domestic consumers are less likely to purchase them, further strengthening domestic businesses. It can have negative consequences, i.e. increasing the import prices and exports become cheaper and higher exports relative to imports can increase the aggregate demand which can lead to higher GDP and inflation.

Dollar Rate in Pakistan

The inflation in the economy rises because the imports are more expensive. Whereas the latter increases the value of the currency in the country. The exports become expensive and the cost of imports reduces which in turn the demand for importable items increases in the economy. Our exports become expensive and make imports cheaper for us that we can buy.

From the last six months, a high rate of the US Dollar and high prices of Gold are observed. The rate of the US dollar against the Pak rupee standing at 164 previously now stands at 158.

This is because the current government has brought the current accounts deficit by lowering the imports, mainly focused on increasing the foreign reserves as the country is receiving financial aid. This helps the value of the currency to balance in the open market.

The positivity in the Pak rupee is due to the end of Covid-19 Lockdowns indicating the economic recovery. The dollar weakens due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the US and increasingly in the foreign investment after lockdown.

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