Motivational Life Quotes in Urdu

Life Quotes

Read the best selected quotes about life in Urdu for your self motivation and inspiration. Reading these life quotes in Urdu will surely answer number of your questions about life. These are the best selected quotes and if you like them then consider sharing them with your friends. خوشیوں کا تعلق آپکے حالات سے نہیں […]

How to be Wise About Life?

Life Wisdom

Everybody wants to be wise about his life and life matters because without being wise about the matters, you cannot make better life decisions and this may affect the quality of your life. General understanding and knowledge is bestowed upon us naturally but to be wise specifically about life matters you need thorough understanding and […]

Is Attitude Everything?

Attitude is everything

Is attitude everything? This question arises in the mind of several people on different occasions in their lives. The answer is simple and clear-cut and that is YES, Attitude Is Everything. It is your attitude that defines your outlook and behavior towards life, work and people around you. To get a better insight about attitude […]